This course provides Social Service Staff in nursing homes training on regulations related to discharge planning.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the history of  care in nursing home as it relates to the Mega Rule and Discharge Regulations
  • Describe regulations related to FTag 745, Medically-related Social Services and how they impact Social Service Staff in nursing homes
  • Identify the six valid reasons for a transfer or discharge
  • Describe the notices and timing required for transfer or discharge
  • Differentiate between patient-initiated and facility-initiated discharges
  • Describe the discharge planning process
  • Describe the orientation, summary, and assessment requirements as related to discharge or transfer

Course Curriculum

Social Services and Discharge Regulations
History of Care in Nursing Homes 00:10:00
Discharge Regulations FTag 745, 622, and 623 00:10:00
Resident and Facility-Initiated Discharge 00:10:00
FTag 660, 624, 661, and 636 00:10:00
Discharge Quiz 00:05:00
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  • 80 Days

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